It is finally that time! You have decided to purchase your custom wig, and as you go down your checklist, you realize you need your custom head measurements. Don’t you fret! We have got you covered.

Measuring your head correctly is an important step in ensuring you get your perfect wig, and in this post, we will show you how to measure your head for a wig the RIGHT way!

Step 1: Measure the Circumference 

Put on your wig cap (or make sure your hair is as flat as possible) and grab a flexible measuring tape. Measure the circumference of your head by placing the end of the measuring tape at your hairline in the front, wrap the measuring tape around, and bring the tape around until it meets back in the front.

The average circumference measurement is going to be about 21 inches. If you are smaller than a 21-inch circumference, then you could possibly wear a petite size. If you are larger than 21 inches, you can go into a larger wig size. 

how to measure your head for wig

Step 2: Measure Front to Nape

You will also need to measure the diameter from the front center of your forehead over the top to underneath your nape. Measure from ear to ear.      

Step 3: Measure the Temples

This step is to ensure that the wig fits perfectly at your hairline. You will measure ear to ear across your forehead. This is indicated by number 3 in the picture below.

For our visual learners, below is a visual description of the measurements you need. 

measuring your head for a wig

Some frequently asked questions: 

1. How to tell if my wig is too big or too small: 

If your wig is too big, it will not feel secure. Instead, you may feel the wig sliding each time you touch your head or after hours of wear.

If your wig is too small, it will feel very tight around your head, maybe causing a headache. And overall, it will be tough to fit the wig over your head. 

2. What to do if my wig doesn’t fit?

If you find yourself struggling with the fit of your wig, it means that your wig needs to get reconstructed. [any additions]

3. How do I stop my wig from sliding?

Investing in a wig grip is one of the most effective ways to keep your wig from sliding. Wig grips are excellent because they don’t snag your hair like wig combs and can prevent breakage and irritation. You can purchase a wig grip from us here. 

To see a demonstration of how to measure your head for a wig, watch below with our wig expert and CEO of Rose Style Studio, Rosemary Osondu.

We hope you find this information helpful. Be sure to share it with anyone you know who will find it beneficial. We invite you to find your next look on our Rose Style Studio website. We also offer consultations if you need any additional help. 

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